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Since 1979

Since 1979, the Ganz family has been serving both residential and commercial clients in the local community.

"It's our Culture of Care that really sets us apart" explains Tommy Ganz, Sr., company President.  "We spend an incredible amount of time, money and vast company resources to entrench the ideal in our team-members minds that we do whatever it takes to put the customers property above all.  It's that simple."  Explains Tom Sr.

As Founder and President of ALMA, The American Landscape Maintenance Association with over 3,000 members, in addition to having a pivotal role in developing virtually every landscape maintenance franchise company in America, Tommy has had the tremendous opportunity to work with landscape operators of every size, all over the nation.  Today, Tommy operates Big League of Ormond Beach which serves as an incubator and prototype of his new franchise model Big League Landscape, which he tends on growing throughout the state of Florida.

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