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Image is Everything!

But it’s not only our image that we’re talking about…it’s YOURS!  We’re a company that you are going to be proud to be associated with and when we’re on your property, we’ll be representing you the right way.

Our weekly maintenance programs are always tailored to your needs.  And rest assured, your teams are always prepared and know exactly what’s expected of them on each and every service visit.  Big League’s unique Game Plan assures that teams have the right equipment and know exactly what needs to be done on any given visit.

Communication is key!  After each service visit, the Team Captains fill out a comprehensive Quality Control Report that is electronically sent immediately to their Head Coach.  Once the visit is approved by the Coach, only then can the crew move on to another property location.

We Do The Little Things Right!

The Devil is in the Details – We love that saying.  It derives from expressing the idea that whatever one does should be done thoroughly.  And that fits our corporate culture perfectly!  Big League refers to the gardening work, (everything other than mow, edge, trim, blow) as DETAIL work.  For the most part, it’s Bed-work.  Weeding, trimming, spraying, selective pruning, etc.  It’s our contention that most anyone can come in and “cut your grass”.  But keeping your property manicured at all times and at a reasonable cost…now that’s the challenge!

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